Chemical Engineering Ph.D. with drive and passion to represent, as well as mentor, those in the STEM fields. Please feel free to contact me with job opportunities or consulting inquiries.

Research Highlights

I successfully defended my Chemical Engineering Ph.D. dissertation, with distinction, on April 29th, 2014.

My dissertation research was focused on membrane proteins implicated in various forms of cancer progression. I developed spatial stochastic mathematical models to study how transmembrane protein kinetics and dynamics impact activation of signaling pathways in the cell. I also developed an algorithm to reconstruct cellular membrane confinement zones from Single Particle Tracking (SPT) data.

I received dual Bachelor degrees in Chemical Engineering (B.Ch.E.) and Quantitative Biology (B.S.) from the University of Delaware in 2010. While at the University of Delaware, my research focused on developing a deterministic multi-scale process model to aid in creating an online controller for MAb glycosylation.